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As a drainage and septic services contractor with over 20 years of experience in the Storrs area, D. Kyle Stearns has consistently earned five star reviews. Whether you have a new home with a yard that has not been landscaped or an older home with new drainage issues, call Kyle. Soil erosion, pooling of water, or puddling outside your home in wet weather are clues that you have drainage issues. An effective yard drainage system will keep your basement dry, reduce soil erosion and eliminate expensive water damage and mold in your home. If your basement has wet spots or worse, call in an expert. D Kyle Stearns Contracting will evaluate the grade on your property, where rainwater collects as it runs off your roof, and whether your downspouts are oriented properly.

Cindi King  (5 stars)

Great local business specializing in septic install and drainage solutions. This company came and fixed a drainage problem that caused me years of problems after two other contractors tried to resolve this problem. Kyle came with a video camera and foundation drainage solutions.

Eileen Lawlor-Parker  (5 stars)

Extremely professional owner and crew. They were on time (despite me being located quite a distance away in West Hartford), did gorgeous work and finished ahead of schedule. They built a paved walkway, refinished our patio stairs and built a set of stairs into our adjoining brook. The work exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them.

Michael Callahan (5 stars)

Kyle and his company did a great job replacing a septic system in just a few days and was reasonably priced. He worked closely with us and the health district to design, get approved and install a top notch system in a relatively short period of time. I would use him for any excavating or septic work in the future without question.

As a drainage solutions contractor, Kyle will install a drainage system around the foundation, make necessary corrections to the grade, and divert downspouts to draw runoff away from the house. We have the heavy trenching equipment needed to install a foundation drain around your home or building. Our work is guaranteed in writing. Call 860-450-1592 today.


  • French Drains – Catch Basins – Infiltrators – Culverts
  • Residential Foundation Drain Installation
  • French Drain Installation
  • Curtain Drain
  • Rain Gutters

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