Landscaping Contractor Storrs CT

D. Kyle Stearns Contracting Inc. would like to show you how to add visual interest with seasonal color to your front yard. Would you like to set your yard apart from the others in your neighborhood? Bringing seasonal color variation to your yard is easy with the help of a landscaping contractor. Landscaping your yard by using groupings of various leafy plants, flowering specimen trees or fruit trees, shrubs and perennials can be an attractive and low-cost way to make your home appear more welcoming. Choose trees that are complimentary to the scale of your focal point – your house. Choosing plants that flower at different times provides interest. Trees that flower early in spring, like the dogwoods, crabapple, pear or cherry trees are a delight after a long winter. Choose ferns combined with groupings of shrubs which may flower later in spring. Add groups of colorful perennials with attractive and distinctive leaves that flower in late summer. Attractive perennials that change appearance with the seasons, such as hosta lilies or daylilies, are very low maintenance plants. You may wish to use variegated leafy plants in the euonymous family to break up the design. Your landscaping contractor can design, install and maintain your yard to keep everything looking neat and tidy from early spring into the fall months.

Landscaping truly transforms your property, bringing the personality of the occupants outdoors, truly making your house “your home”. Good landscape design always accentuates the positive points and improves the problem spots in your yard. Using natural features, hardscaping, flowers, shrubs, trees, and good design, your landscaping contractor will transform and beautify your property.  D. Kyle Stearns Contracting can bring beauty to your property and we will maintain the work long-term.


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