Asphalt Driveways – Ellington CT, Tolland CT, Vernon CT

Blacktop driveways are favored over concrete or other permeable materials in Connecticut. Your typical driveway in Connecticut and all northern states is paved with asphalt. Asphalt is more pliable in colder climate conditions where the driveways endure many freeze and thaw cycles. The black surface melts snow and ice more quickly as it holds heat from the sun. are commonly seen in Connecticut and other northern states. It is unfortunate that many new homes have driveways that are already falling apart. There are several reasons why it is important to have a licensed driveway contractor install your driveway. If the base has not been carefully prepared, asphalt will crack, crumble and erode within a few years. With a properly excavated and graded surface, the pavement will last for decades. Sometimes, though, crumbling pavement is a symptom of poor water drainage. In Ellington CT, Tolland CT, Vernon CT, call the experts at D Kyle Stearns Contracting.

Asphalt pavement typically shows its age by cracking and crumbling. If your driveway is heaving, or has been patched repeatedly to restore integrity to the surface, it may be time to have a licensed driveway contractor take a look at it. The entire old driveway must be removed, the base must be excavated and graded properly prior to topping the surface with crushed gravel and asphalt.

For driveway paving, driveway repair and driveway resurfacing in Ellington CT, Tolland CT, and Vernon CT, call D Kyle Stearns Contracting. We utilize asphalt and crushed gravel. For installation of new driveways, Kyle will carefully grade the base to assure proper drainage. Improper grading will cause water runoff to undermine the hard surface, crumbling the asphalt.



Asphalt Driveways – Ellington CT, Tolland CT, Vernon CT

D Kyle Stearns Contracting builds and repairs driveways with asphalt and gravel in towns and villages in Tolland County Connecticut. Our work order includes a written contract before commencing a project, the scope of the project to be performed in detail, and a written guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work performed. Kyle gives regular updates and progress reports to the client during the job. Kyle is a perfectionist and works closely with his crew to make certain the job is done to his high standards. Call Kyle today at 860-450-1592 for your driveway paving estimate.

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