Catch Basin Drains Alleviate Basement Flooding

D. Kyle Stearns Contracting has installed catch basin drains to prevent basement flooding. A catch basin is defined as a reservoir or well into which surface water may drain off. When you have a wet basement, something about your landscape is drawing water toward your foundation. A poorly drained landscape can create problems for you in the house. One of the major culprits to basement flooding is downspout water. There are signs that water from your roof is not being collected in your gutters, or your downspouts are not positioned properly. In periods of heavy rains, water may infiltrate into the house and create other problems. Besides damage to flooring, stored items, furniture and carpeting, damp conditions can encourage mold growth.

An effective remedy for basement flooding is to re-route the downspout water. This can be accomplished with a properly constructed catch basin. D Kyle Stearns Contracting is an Eastern Connecticut  drainage contractor. Kyle has the heavy equipment needed to cut a drainage system around your home or building. Our service area includes all towns in Tolland County Connecticut. The spring thaw and heavy rainfall can cause a lot of water damage on your property, may undermine driveways and walkways, and worse. Do not underestimate the importance of managing the runoff from storm water from your roof. An effective yard drainage system will keep your basement dry, reduce soil erosion and eliminate pooling and puddling in your yard.

D Kyle Stearns Contracting will evaluate the grade on your property, where rainwater collects as it runs off your roof, and whether your downspouts are oriented properly. If you need a foundation drain around your house, Kyle has the heavy equipment needed to get the job done safely and on time. As a drainage solutions contractor, Kyle will install a drainage system around the foundation, make necessary corrections to the grade, and divert downspouts to draw runoff away from the house. We guarantee our work in writing. If you have drainage issues, call Kyle today at 860-450-1592.


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