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Some of the signs of faulty drainage in your yard include basement flooding, erosion, pooling, and crumbling pavement. Does rainwater flow like a rivulet through your back yard? Overflowing gutters and undiverted roof runoff in wet weather indicate that the water is following the most convenient route downhill. Your basement should remain totally dry during heavy rains or during a period of snow melt. Sometimes your foundation won’t even stop the water from collecting on your basement floor. Another more urgent source of basement flooding occurs when you have a clogged or broken septic line. If any of these conditions are present at your home, call D. Kyle Stearns Contracting right away.

Kyle Stearns has more than 20 years of experience as a drainage solutions contractor.  An effective yard drainage system will keep your basement dry, reduce soil erosion and eliminate expensive water damage and hazardous mold growth in your home. If your basement has wet spots or worse, call in an expert. D Kyle Stearns Contracting will evaluate the grade on your property, where rainwater collects as it runs off your roof, and whether your downspouts are oriented properly. Drainage solutions we offer include:  French Drains, Curtain Drains,  Catch Basins, Infiltrators, Culverts, Foundation Drains and Rain Gutters.

As a drainage solutions contractor, Kyle will install a drainage system around the foundation, make necessary corrections to the grade, and divert downspouts to draw runoff away from the house. We have the heavy trenching equipment needed to install a foundation drain around your home or building. For septic field installation, septic tank excavation, or other septic and drainage issues, Kyle can easily dig a leach field of any size.  With any excavation work, the job done correctly by Kyle’s seasoned crew of licensed professionals. They safely and efficiently install your septic system up to specifications and in a timely manner. You need only to call Kyle for a consultation. Your new septic tank installation or drainage system will be a complete success. Our work is guaranteed in writing. Call 860-450-1592 today.

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