A drainage contractor can make basement flooding, erosion and puddles a thing of the past. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting serves the Willimantic/Storrs CT area of northeastern CT. After periods of fast snow melt and months of spring rainfall, many homeowners experience wet basements. There are many things which might cause water to flow into your home. some of which might cause serious damage to your foundation. As a licensed drainage solutions contractor, D. Kyle Stearns and his crew have the expertise to troubleshoot and correct any drainage issues on your property.

If your property is showing signs of water erosion due to roof runoff or faulty gutters, call for a consultation. An effective yard drainage system will keep your basement dry, reduce soil erosion and eliminate pooling and puddling in your yard. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting has the heavy-duty equipment needed to correct the issues. Kyle will evaluate the grade on your property, where rainwater collects as it runs off your roof, and whether your downspouts are oriented properly. As a drainage solutions contractor, Kyle will install a drainage system around the foundation, make necessary corrections to the grade, and divert downspouts to draw runoff away from the house. If you have drainage issues, call Kyle today at 860-450-1592.


 We install:

•  French Drains – Catch Basins – Infiltrators – Culverts
•  Residential Foundation Drain Installation
•  French Drain Installation
•  Curtain Drain
•  Rain Gutters

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