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D. Kyle Stearns Contracting is a leading Landscaping contractor in Tolland County CT. For many of our clients in rural surroundings, landscaping could improve the appearance and versatility of your grounds. When you are considering improving the appearance of your front yard for your own satisfaction or improving your home’s curb appeal for an open house prior to a sale, you need the expertise of a professional and experienced landscaping contractor. Our Landscaping services include Landscape Design and Installation, Seasonal Color, Retaining Walls, Ponds, Patios and Walkways, Pavers and much more.

Retaining Walls in Tolland County CT

A retaining wall can add interest to your landscape as well as a practical method of controlling erosion. A sturdy retaining wall can become the centerpiece of your property in the hands of an experienced contractor. The first step in constructing a retaining wall is excavation. Next, we fill in the base with  crushed stone which must be compacted for stability. This step is the most time consuming. Drainage is always important when planning a retaining wall, and we use a 4″ perforated pipe behind the wall.

After the base and drainage are all set, you can choose from hundreds of different wall materials. If you prefer a rustic look, field stone or blue stone might be among your top choices. We have many suggestions for you depending on your taste and the size of the project. There are some excellent concrete products for commercial applications that we can recommend. Your wall will be attractive and sturdy, and you will enjoy it for years,

A retaining wall can be installed to provide interest on your property, especially when a small hill or dip on the grounds is present. Because D. Kyle Stearns Contracting  offers landscape design services, you can replace a problem spot with a beautiful combination of plants and trees.


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