Driveway erosion is not always the fault of your paving contractor. Running water resulting from rainwater cascading down from your roof may play a part in breaking down your driveway or your front walk. If you have pine needles or leafy matter clogging your gutters, clean them out.

If your gutters have been cleaned, are intact, and have been installed correctly, check the downspout. In a heavy rainfall, the water may exit with enough force to undercut the edge of your asphalt driveway. Call D. Kyle Stearns Contracting Inc. to finish the job and improve the drainage on your property.

gutter drain

A client had a driveway which had deteriorated from the effect of running water. Their home’s rain gutter spilled water across the driveway and led to its demise. Always run rain gutters underground if you have an opportunity to do so. Keep the water flow off the pavement. In this case, we piped 4 inch PVC 35 under a new asphalt drive that we installed for the customer. Call Kyle at 860-450-1592 for drainage and erosion issues in your Tolland County CT property.


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