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When you need a septic contractor Ashford CT, call D. Kyle Stearns Contracting to get the job done! If you have poor septic drainage or your tank needs an upgrade, hire a team with experience. Kyle has replaced septic tanks, repaired broken sewer lines, and installed leach fields all over eastern Connecticut. Kyle and his experienced crew inspect, repair and replace septic systems in residential and commercial settings. It’s your septic system – get your problem diagnosed and repaired fast!

Tree roots infiltrating the leach field lines usually lead to damage, leaks, and total takeover of the roots in the perforated pipelines. Very old, large trees have deep and wide root spans. Ultimately, roots may infiltrate the septic tank itself. Infiltrated septic pipes cause waste water backups and poor drainage. It’s important to be proactive when you are not sure what is causing your septic system to fail.

Kyle Stearns has 24 years of experience as a septic and drainage contractor. For septic field installation, septic tank excavation, or other septic and drainage issues, Kyle can easily dig a leach field of any size. With any excavation work, the job done correctly by Kyle’s seasoned crew of licensed professionals. They safely and efficiently install your septic system up to specifications and in a timely manner. You need only to call Kyle for a consultation. Your new septic tank installation or drainage system will be a complete success. Our work is guaranteed in writing. Call 860-450-1592 today.

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