Septic Tank Installation – Bolton CT, Coventry CT, Andover CT

When you want your septic system installed correctly by experienced professionals in Bolton CT, Coventry CT and Andover CT, the clear choice is D Kyle Stearns Contracting. We service all towns in Tolland County Connecticut. In rural areas like eastern Connecticut where many homes are not hooked up to water treatment systems, a Gravity Fed Septic System is installed to handle all waste water flowing out of the home. Any excavation and installation for a residential septic tank may pose a potential negative impact on the watershed. Installation of a home septic tank should be done by a professional with experience in the field.

There are some intrepid souls who think this type of job can be done as a ‘do-it-yourself’ project. They have been ill-advised. Kyle’s crew will safely and efficiently install your septic system up to specifications and in a timely manner. If the preparation for the system is not done correctly, your septic system will fail. You need only to call Kyle for a consultation. Your new septic tank installation will be a complete success.

A gravity system flows downhill and does not rely on mechanical means to discharge waste from the tank. The concrete aerobic tank must be set into a large hole excavated for the tank and the leaching field. A concrete aerobic divided tank and perforated pipe are embedded in a gravel lined pit.The leaching field is excavated per the conditions of the permit issued by the town prior to commencement of work. The photo below is a leaching field installation by D Kyle Stearns Contracting.

septic and leach field


Septic Tank Installation -BOLTON CT, COVENTRY CT, ANDOVER CT

D Kyle Stearns Contracting is a licensed septic system installation contractor serving towns and villages in Tolland County Connecticut. Our work order includes a written contract before commencing a project, the scope of the project to be performed in detail, and a written guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work performed. Kyle gives regular updates and progress reports to the client during the job. Kyle is a perfectionist and works closely with his crew to make certain the job is done to his high standards. Call Kyle today at 860-450-1592 for your septic system installation estimate.

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