When you need septic tank installation in Stonington CT, you want an experienced contractor to do the job. You will find that experience in D. Kyle Stearns Contracting, Inc., a leading eastern Connecticut septic and drainage specialist. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting is your first and best choice for septic system installation and replacement services. Kyle has the heavy duty equipment that can stand up to the rockiest terrain. Whether you need a septic field dug, sewer line repair or septic line replacement, call Kyle for a consultation. Our service area includes all of eastern Connecticut.

When you have flooding or drainage problems in your yard, whatever the cause, call Kyle and get it fixed. Whether you have broken pipes that carry wastewater away from your house or your septic field has failed, you need a contractor that can diagnose and repair the system. There are early warning signs that your waste water can no longer flow into your leach field. When you notice a foul odor, waste water pooling in your yard or gases bubbling up in your toilet, it’s time for an intervention! If you let the problem go untreated long enough, you could find yourself with a completely obstructed sewer pipe.

Tree roots commonly infiltrate your pipes or grow into your tank. The presence of trees over the leach field lines usually lead to damage, leaks, and total takeover of the roots in the perforated pipelines.  Very old, large trees have deep and wide root spans. Ultimately, roots may infiltrate the septic tank itself. Infiltrated septic pipes cause waste water backups and poor drainage. It’s important to be proactive when you are not sure what is causing your septic system to fail. Don’t risk damage to your tank or backup of waste into your home. You should call in a local septic expert like Kyle to inspect your lines and get to the bottom of the issue. If you think your septic lines may be clogged or broken, call Kyle for a consultation today: 860-450-1592.



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