Tree Roots and Your Septic Line

D. Kyle Stearns Contracting handles sewer line repair and septic line replacement.  Our service area includes Storrs and surrounding towns in eastern Connecticut. In rural settings, many homes have their own septic systems. There are early warning signs that your waste water can no longer flow into your leach field. Excessive water or sewage out in your yard may indicate that your pipes are clogged with tree roots. Tree roots commonly seek out sources of nutrients and water, finding their way into the holes that drain water waste from your septic tank. Have you found standing water above your leach field, or noticed a rotten egg smell?  Do gases bubble up in your toilet? Don’t wait until you find backup of sewage into your toilet or basement!  If you let the problem go untreated long enough, you could find yourself with a completely obstructed sewer pipe.

The presence of trees over the leach field lines usually lead to damage, leaks, and total takeover of the roots in the perforated pipelines.  Very old, large trees have deep and wide root spans. Ultimately, roots may infiltrate the septic tank itself. When tree roots have infiltrated your septic pipes, you may experience backups and poor drainage. It’s important to be proactive when you are not sure what is causing your septic system to fail. Many people assume that if their septic system is backing up they should have the tank pumped out more frequently. Don’t risk damage to your tank or backup of waste into your home. You should call in a local septic expert like Kyle to inspect your lines and get to the bottom of the issue. If you think your septic lines may be clogged or broken, call Kyle for a consultation today: 860-450-1592.



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