Driveway Flooding in an Environmentally Sensitive Area

special drainage solutions coventry ctD. Kyle Stearns corrects flooding in environmentally sensitive areas with special drainage solutions. In this case, the client’s home is near Coventry Lake. It was important to handle this as a special drainage area. The scope of the project was to correct driveway flooding near Coventry Lake, an environmentally sensitive area. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting installed a Catch Basin in Coventry CT to correct driveway flooding. The Basin needed to be piped into a water garden consisting of a special compost/ sand mix with plants that have tolerance to salt. Special drainage solutions were implemented so the lake wouldn’t be impacted from water run-off. These water gardens are used a lot at University of Connecticut Storrs campus and also near Connecticut coastlines and are becoming popular near lakes and rivers for drainage issues.

Homes in watershed areas are under special environmental constraints when it comes to waste water and other effluvia from their properties. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting is the leading drainage contractor serving Tolland County and towns in surrounding areas. Call 860-450-1592 for a consultation today.


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