In greater Vernon CT, call D. Kyle Stearns Contracting to stop basement flooding. There are a number of reasons you experience water accumulation in your basement. Whether your home is old or new, chances are that the reason your basement gets wet is due to water seeking its own level. When your home’s foundation is in its path, the flowing water will seep through the wall and collect all over your floor. If you have a finished area in your basement, your drywall, carpeting, linoleum, furniture, boxes of clothing and stored goods are at risk of permanent damage.

Kyle Stearns is your local ‘wet basement prevention’ specialist. Many of our rural clients have called us out because water leaks into their basement after wet weather. Sometimes the culprit is clogged gutters, causing rain water and roof runoff to spill water right next to your foundation. Sometimes water will be diverted toward the foundation due to incorrect grading. Land that slopes inward toward the house causes water flow right to your foundation. Poor site drainage that is not corrected can actually lead to foundation collapse. As a licensed drainage solutions we install Curtain Drains, Foundation Drains, Catch basins, Culverts, Rain Gutters, and Underground gutter drainage. As a full service excavation company, we inspect and correct the grading around your house. If you have a wet basement, ponding, puddling, erosion, or other issues, give us a call. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting is the leading drainage contractor serving Storrs CT and towns in surrounding areas. Call 860-450-1592 for a consultation today.


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