So you’ve decided to build a swimming pool in your backyard – congratulations! Your swimming pool will definitely bring you and your loved ones hours of fun and be well worth the cost of installation. However, before you get to enjoy your pool, first you’ll have to deal with a swimming pool excavation. Lucky for you, you don’t need to tackle this difficult job on your own. There are plenty of experienced professionals around, like ourselves, to guide you in this process and take care of the job. Even so, it’s helpful for you to know some of the details so you are well prepared for what’s going to happen.

Building an inground swimming pool requires the movement of a lot of dirt. It’s common for homeowners to underestimate the amount of dirt that actually comes up when you want to install a swimming pool. An average excavation will create about five garden sheds worth of dirt. It’s too much to be absorbed by the remainder of the yard. As professional excavators we can help transport the dirt out of your yard. There will be little grass left around the pool, plus a 20-foot by 20-foot area where the material piles will be.

There is a minor chance that when doing a swimming pool installation, a rock may be found or groundwater may be found. These situations do not happen frequently, however, it’s important to be aware that they do occur. If they a large rock is found, the most feasible options include moving the pool to another area, elevating the pool, or removing the rock (which can be costly). If groundwater is encountered, the most likely next step is to install a de-watering system or elevate the pool. As your contractor, we can help you understand the details of each of these choices.

Once your swimming pool excavation is complete, hopefully without any of the unforeseen circumstances described above, you can get to the important next step – enjoying your pool! If you’re ready to start excavating, give us a call! At D. Kyle Stearns we can assess your property and give you a quote. Click here to get started.

What You Should Know About Swimming Pool Excavation | D. Kyle Stearns Contracting