Patio Hardscaping Contractor – Windham CT

You would like to make your patio entertainment area more attractive and begin searching for landscaping contractors near Windham. You are in luck! Meet D. Kyle Stearns Contracting. Kyle can give you ideas on how to extend your outdoor entertaining area using custom hardscaping. In northeastern Connecticut, we all enjoy entertaining out in our yards. Even if you have a very small yard, a good landscaping contractor can design an outdoor seating, cooking and dining area you can enjoy in relative privacy. Using stone, brick, pavers, or concrete, hardscaping adds the functionality and visual interest to set the mood and character of your home. What better way to entertain in the evening around an outdoor fireplace? Landscaping can even dress up an existing retaining wall using creative structures and seating areas.

Windham CT is heavily wooded, and many of us out here just have not given a second thought about landscaping out in our back yards. As in the example we have presented in our feature photo, we can work with the natural contours and features of the yard, dress up the area surrounding your tree trunks, introduce specimen or fruit trees, fieldstone walls and borders, and suggest how to incorporate seasonal color to promote tranquility. Landscaping truly transforms your property, bringing the personality of the occupants outdoors, truly making your house “your home”. Good landscape design always accentuates the positive points and improves the problem spots in your yard. Using natural features, hardscaping, flowers, shrubs, trees, and good design, your landscaping contractor will transform and beautify your property. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting can bring beauty to your property and we will maintain the work long-term.


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