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We service all towns in Tolland County Connecticut. The process of moving earth and rock with heavy equipment is known as excavation. Construction is one of the most common applications for excavation, to create building foundations, clearing land for roadways or driveways, and dredging or digging ponds.

It is always important to consider the environmental impact of the excavation job. For pond dredging, creating a man-made pond, or other residential, municipal or commercial excavation, the site must be examined to make sure that the natural habitat and the surrounding area is preserved throughout the excavation. Next, the size and depth of the site are determined and the excavation is planned carefully. Drawings that clearly mark boundaries of the job must be made before an excavation is begun. Kyle has experience digging ponds in environmentally sensitive areas and carefully preserves the integrity of the surrounding areas to reduce and eliminate erosion on the property.

When choosing an excavation contractor for construction, your contractor must have experience, skill, and must pay close attention to detail. Excavation creates the foundation for the entire construction project. D Kyle Stearns Construction has been in business since 1996 and has the experience and expertise you are looking for. When you need an excavation contractor, call Kyle at 860-450-1592.

This is an example of an excavation to dig a basement in an 1800’s era post and beam barn. Between the existing ceiling and the floor beneath the building existed four feet of clearance. We needed a total of nine feet of clearance to install a concrete basement floor. We first had to shore up the existing floor joists. We then dug out 200 tons of material from beneath the barn to obtain the additional five feet of clearance needed. For excavation work in Tolland County, call D Kyle Stearns Contracting at 860-450-1592.

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Excavation Contractors – Tolland County CT

D Kyle Stearns Contracting is a licensed excavation contractor serving towns and and villages in Tolland County Connecticut. Our work order includes a written contract before commencing a project, the scope of the project to be performed in detail, and a written guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work performed. Kyle gives regular updates and progress reports to the client during the job. Kyle is a perfectionist and works closely with his crew to make certain the job is done to his high standards. Call Kyle today at 860-450-1592 for your excavation estimate.

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