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Some Customer Testimonials for D. Kyle Stearns Contracting


Heartily Recommended



Kyle and his crew are great!!! In early June, we contracted with Kyle to do a major do-over of our lawn and landscaping. He pulled out 50-year old trees and plants. He brought in new soil, planted 60+ trees, shrubs, and plants, seeded new and old lawns, and mulched all the gardens. What a transformation. It is now mid-July… the grass is green, the plants, shrubs and trees are healthy, and we’re thoroughly enjoying our new lawn and gardens. We know it will bring us pleasure for many years to come.

“We heartily recommend Kyle and his crew. Kyle is very knowledgeable, thorough, and, incidentally, a great guy to work with.”

Janet & George July, 2016
I am a fan of the DKS Team

I decided to do a new drainage solution after talking with DKS Contracting. Needed something fast, and they were quick to jump on this task and created a nice impression from initial discussions.


At project completion, my impression is: Kyle is unique. There are few contractors that have his demeanor. It’s great and rare! He gets how traumatic this kind of issue is. He’s professional about the task and consultation. He sizes up the problem, makes a plan, and then gets it done. The quick project result exceeded my expectations. They banged this thing OUT. All I had to do, literally, was move stuff out of the way…


I am invoice #653, and I am a real customer. I’m not related to, connected to, was just recommended to, the DKS team. After this work though, I am now a fan of the DKS team, and will definitely have them on the speed dial for the kinds of projects they cover.


Tal - October, 2018