When you need an excavation and grading contractor in Willington CT, call D. Kyle Stearns Contracting. For grading, excavation and dredging jobs, our big machines can handle any size job. Kyle and his team have over 2 decades of experience in heavy earth moving, land clearing and grading in eastern CT. As an experienced excavating and grading contractor, Kyle Stearns develops sites for commercial, industrial and residential projects in Tolland County CT. The process of excavation includes pond dredging, landscape grading, removal of soil and rock, land clearing and tree stump removal, and basement creation. Construction is one of the most common applications for excavation, to create building foundations, clearing land for roadways or driveways, and dredging or digging ponds.

An important aspect of excavation work is ensuring the safety of workers and the environment.  A job site must be examined to make sure that the natural habitat and the surrounding area is preserved throughout the excavation. Next, the size and depth of the site are determined and the excavation is planned carefully. Drawings that clearly mark boundaries of the job must be made before an excavation is begun. In environmentally sensitive areas, the contractor is responsible for preserving the integrity of the surrounding areas to reduce and eliminate erosion on the property. Grading is the process of smoothing and flattening land to accommodate a roadway or for building foundations.

When choosing a local excavation, grading and landscaping contractor for construction, your contractor must have experience, skill, and must pay close attention to detail. Excavation creates the foundation for the entire construction project. D Kyle Stearns Construction has been in business since 1996 and has the experience and expertise you are looking for. When you need an excavation contractor in Willington CT, call Kyle at 860-450-1592.



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