Landscape grading is done by an excavating contractor to alter the contour of a property.  Not only does grading improve the appearance of your land, it actually prevents damage. A major benefit of grading includes efficient water drainage. In the Storrs CT area, your local grading and excavating contractor is D. Kyle Stearns. The absence of proper grading may result in erosion during heavy rainfall or snow melt, which in turn may result in basement flooding or foundation damage.

Poor drainage on a property can result in standing water. Standing water can over water your trees and shrubs, cause damage to your home’s foundation, and attract mosquitoes and other pests. Poor drainage can threaten the health and stability of your yard. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting can grade your landscape for improved beauty, utility and water drainage. With heavy duty excavating equipment, Kyle can also dig culverts and ponds, recontour your hillsides, and install drains to draw runoff away from your home.

As a full service excavation company, we inspect and correct the grading around your house. To resolve drainage issues we install Curtain Drains, Foundation Drains, Catch basins, Culverts, Rain Gutters, and Underground gutter drainage. If you have a wet basement, ponding, puddling, erosion, or other issues, give us a call. D. Kyle Stearns Contracting is the leading drainage contractor serving Storrs CT and towns in surrounding areas. Call 860-450-1592 for a consultation today.


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